Is this retaliation against

Timing is a funny thing.  

Retaliation isn’t.

On Monday March 11th, 2019 Dolcefino Consulting detailed the advanced age and mileage of Galveston patrol cars to warn island residents first responders need help.

What did the City of Galveston do?

They took away take home patrol cars from veteran police officers, including SWAT officers, we are told. Before this week, senior officers who lived on the island got access to the cars to improve response times in case of a disaster.

Sounds like the folks in the Galveston City Manager’s Office have thin skins. In December, Galveston Deputy City Manager Daniel Buckley questioned the take home cars, asking if they were being used by officers for their second security jobs, but look what peaked his interest.

“There was an article in the Galveston Daily News this morning saying our benefits (pension) are substandard.  I think we may need to quantify all the perks they do have.”

“So, let me get this straight,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Houston-based Dolcefino Consulting. “The city manager’s office seeks to punish police every time someone exposes the crappy way they are treated?”

“I find the timing of this decision stinks and it could jeopardize public safety,” says Dolcefino.

“What if, God forbid, there is a school shooter or a terrorist event? Don’t you want veteran cops to have their patrol cars, lights and sirens ready in a second? I sure hope they didn’t loan their car to their teenage son or daughter, and now have to call Uber to respond.”

In his December email, suggests some police officers were working security at the Port of Galveston. Buckely complained city hall wasn’t being compensated.

“I’ve got a better idea,” says Dolcefino. “Why doesn’t city hall use the growing revenues at the Port to pay the police, who have to protect all the tourists who come to the island to take cruise ships?”

The retaliation against the police comes after Dolcefino Consulting donates to help educate folks on the poor pension and salaries being paid to Galveston Police. is now live and there is a petition to show support to island first responders.

“ was meant to help first responders, just like we helped firefighters in Houston,” says Dolcefino. “ Both police and firefighters have helped save my life and rescued my mom and grandmother once. I have never hesitated to bust them when I was a reporter and I also won’t hesitate to call out the city manager for petty retaliation.”